Huawei B315 VS Huawei B310 LTE CPE Difference

As the successor to Huawei B593 LTE Cat.3 CPE, Huawei presented two similar LTE routers Huawei B310 and B315 LTE CPE to the public. Those who want to buy a home router or want to change 3G routers to 4G wireless routers, may ask what the difference is between the Huawei B310 and B315 and which one is better to use? In this article, we will compare the Huawei B315 and B310 appearance, interfaces, specs, variant models, price and other features etc…You may get the answer finally after reading this blog.



LTE CPE B310 VS B315 Appearance and Interfaces


Huawei B310 and B315 are both typical stationary router like Huawei B593 Router, but the shape has a little difference. They both have four LED indicators on the front for Power, Mode, WiFi, Signal, and LAN. Huawei Logo is on the front in the middle. On the back, usually, there are 4 LAN ports(one for WAN/LAN), but some variant models of the Huawei B310 or B315 may reduce the LAN ports to 2 or 1. It depends. Some models may also have the telephone port or USB.2.0 port. So if you are looking for a router with multiple interfaces for Ethernet, you must take care of this. The LAN ports may not be enough for standard four. And the telephone port and USB 2.0 port may be missing.



LTE CPE B315 VS B310 Specs and Variant models


From the appearance, you may be still unable to identify the real difference. We have to look at the Specifications for Huawei B315 and B310 to see the core content of the two routers. As you may know, there are many variant models available to meet various LTE frequency bands from different network providers. Currently, the LTE CPE B310 has four variant models:  B310s-927, B310As-852, B310s-22, B310s-518. The Huawei B315 also has four variant models: B315s-22, B315s-607, B315s-608, B315s-936. As we said, the variant models support different LTE frequency bands and have different Ethernet ports and interfaces. Below you will see the details about Huawei B310 specs and Huawei B315 specs:




ModelHuawei LTE CPE B315Huawei LTE CPE B310
Product typeLTE WiFi RouterLTE WiFi Router
CategoryLTE Cat.4LTE Cat.4
ChipsetHisilicon BalongHisilicon Balong
Data ratesDL 150Mbps/UL 50MbpsDL 150Mbps/UL 50Mbps
Supported 4G LTE frequency bands* Huawei B315s-22: 4G LTE B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B38 * Huawei B315s-607: 4G Band 1/3/7/8/28/40 * Huawei B315s-936: 4G Band 1/3/40/41 * Huawei B315s-608: 4G Band 1/3/5/7/28* Huawei B310s-927:  B1/B3/B8/B40 * Huawei B310As-852: B3/B7/B8/B38/B39/B40/B41 * Huawei B310s-22: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20 * Huawei B310s-518: B1/B2/B4/B5/B7/B28
WLAN802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz
Max support users32 users32 users
Connector for external antennaTwo, SMA-female jacksTwo, SMA-female jacks
Buy AntennaHuawei B315 external antennaHuawei B310 external antenna
App managementHuawei Hilink APPHuawei Hilink APP
SIM typeStandard SIMStandard SIM
Dimensions186.0mm x 139.0mm x 46.0mm181.0mm x 126.0mm x 70.0mm
Interfaces* 1 x power adapter port * 3 x LAN port(RJ45) * 1 x LAN/WAN port (45) * 1 x telephone port(RJ11)(depends) * Two external LTE antenna ports (SMA-J1.5) * One SIM card slot * 1 x USB 2.0 port(depends)* 1 x power adapter port * 3 x LAN port(RJ45)(Depends) * 1 x LAN/WAN port (RJ45) * 1 x telephone port(RJ11)(depends) * Two external LTE antenna ports (SMA-J1.5) * One SIM card slot * 1 x USB 2.0 port(depends)
DatasheetHuawei B315 Datasheet(PDF)Huawei B310 Datasheet(PDF)
User ManualHuawei B315 Manual(PDF)Huawei B310 Manual(PDF)
Other featuresVoIP, DHCP, NAT, IPv6/IPv4 dual stack, Firewall, Port forwarding, DMZ, ALG, Remote managementVoice, DHCP, NAT, ARP, ICMP, DNS Relay, IPv6/IPv4 dual stack, VPN passthrough, Firewall, URL filter, LAN IP filter, DMZ, UPnP, ALG, Port forwarding
ReviewsHuawei B315 ReviewHuawei B310 Review






From the Huawei 4G Router B315 and B310 specs, we cannot see much difference except the interfaces about Ethernet port and telephone port. They are both LTE cat.4 router supporting peak download speed up to 150mbps and upload speed to 50mbps. If you don’t mind the Ethernet ports in the router, both Huawei B310 and B315 are good to select as a home or office router. But if you need Ethernet ports for terminals, you’d better check the specific model and its Ethernet ports in the model. We have to mention is that the Huawei B315 external antennas could also be used with Huawei B310 as the external antenna because they have the same connectors. But if you don’t know how to buy a Huawei 4G Router, we recommend reading this blog: Five Tips to Buy a Huawei 4G Router.  

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